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Mark Pallot

Culture Artist

Having spent over 20 years in corporate businesses working across marketing, public relations and leading internal communications and events, Mark understands first hand how to motivate employees and impact engagement and culture in organisations.

With experience across a variety of sectors & not for profit organisations including entertainment, education, finance and FMCG, Mark held a Global Director role for Engagement, Culture and Communications before co-founding Corporate Crayon.

With creativity at the core of everything he does Mark brings an energetic, strategic and motivational approach to bring strategy to life nationally and globally.

Evelyn Jackson

Culture Strategist

With a personal mission to enrich the lives of those who work, and over 20 years HR and Leadership experience in Australia, Asia Pacific, South America and Europe, Evelyn Jackson has an innate ability for understanding diversity and people.

Having spent a large part of her corporate career as the Head of HR, she has successfully implemented strategic creative approaches to culture, leadership development and change initiatives. Prior to co-founding Corporate Crayon, she held the Global Vice President role for Development, Culture and Engagement at a large FMCG Multinational.

Evelyn is dedicated to help organisations grow with practical tools and programs that bring commercial creativity, insights and purposeful play.


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